Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, robbery, and other violent acts against a person. Because they involve injury to or the intent to injure a person, violent crimes may carry felony charges with years of imprisonment. Employers and apartments also view people with violent crime records as safety risks and may deny their applications.

Violent crime cases are often based on one of the shakiest forms of evidence — eyewitness testimony. A witness is needed to identify who was involved and exactly what happened. An apparent assault may actually have been a case of self defense.

The problem with eyewitnesses is that they often get it wrong. They might not have had as good a look as they thought they did, the police might have used a suggestive lineup, or they might not have seen the entire incident. Your criminal defense attorney’s job is to show how their memory might be incorrect and to find other holes in the story. The prosecution can’t move forward if they can’t prove what really happened.

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