Three-Strikes Cases

California has a very harsh three-strikes law. If you are convicted of a third qualifying crime, you could be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. In addition, even a second qualifying crime could lead to double the typical sentence.

Unlike in the past, not all felonies are considered strikes. Only serious or violent felonies count. Juvenile convictions and out of state convictions may also be used.

If you are facing a third strike, you have multiple options. The first is to push for an acquittal or dismissal as you could with any charge.

The second is to negotiate a plea to a crime that does not count as a strike. Because of harsh three-strikes sentencing, it may be possible to go from the risk of decades in prison to probation.

The third way is to not have all of the strikes counted. You have the right to file a motion asking the judge to rule that it would not be in the interests of justice to sentence you as a third-strike offender.

If you’re facing a criminal charge that counts as a strike, call an aggressive three-strikes defense attorney immediately. Ryan Birss serves Shasta, Trinity, Tehama, Siskiyou, and Butte Counties.