Fraud AttorneyFraud is an allegation of theft by deception. It can include a business executive who lied to stock buyers or a fake online seller who never intended to deliver the product. The key to a fraud case is that someone allegedly convinced someone to give them something with a lie.

Because fraud is based on a lie, it is a very serious accusation. In many situations, you will face a felony charge. Additionally, employers will view someone convicted as fraud as a liar who can’t be trusted and avoid hiring them.

While prosecutors are often quick to charge fraud, an aggressive defensive attorney can make it extremely difficult for them to prove their case. It is never enough for the prosecution to just show that someone lost money or got a bad deal. They must prove that you knowingly told a lie, that you did so with the intent to steal, and that the alleged victim was actually influenced by the lie. You cannot be convicted if they cannot prove each of these elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

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