Embezzlement AttorneyEmbezzlement is a special kind of theft charge where a person is alleged to have stolen property they were trusted with caring for. This charge is usually brought against employees such as bookkeepers or medical caregivers.

If you’re convicted of embezzlement, you will be barred from many forms of employment. It may result in a felony on your record, and employers view embezzlement convictions as serious breaches of trust.

The circumstances surrounding embezzlement accusations are not always black and white. A higher manager may have mismanaged money and blamed a subordinate for a shortfall. Another employee may have committed a theft using your login. You may have made an honest mistake when handling funds.

To make a case against you, the prosecutor must prove several things. First, that something was stolen. Second, that you were trusted to care for it. Third, that you used that trust to take the property. Fourth, that you had criminal intent.

If the prosecutor fails to prove just one of those things, you cannot be convicted of embezzlement.

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