Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes AttorneyDrug charges range from simple possession to major drug trafficking conspiracies. All but the smallest possession charges carry the risk of stiff jail or prison sentences. In addition, you may face disqualification from employment as employers view drug convictions as a sign of substance abuse. Property managers also deny people with drug convictions over fears of drug dealers coming into the neighborhood.

In many drug cases, it may seem like you are caught red-handed. If the police take drugs directly from you, you might think there are no defenses. However, many drug charges are dismissed or reduced over Fourth Amendment violations.

The Fourth Amendment requires the police to have probable cause and possibly a warrant before searching you. If they violate the Fourth Amendment, the evidence that they illegally found cannot be used against you.

You may also have factual defenses that we can help you raise. You might be able to show that the drugs weren’t yours or that they weren’t properly tested. Just a single hole in the prosecution’s case could force an acquittal.

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