Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is assault, battery, and related actions against a family member, significant other, or cohabitant. While domestic violence charges and sentences are legally similar to the underlying crimes, there are often additional penalties.

Judges generally give much harsher treatment to people accused of domestic violence and may give closer to the maximum sentence. In addition, protective orders will be issued requiring the accused to stay away from specific people and places. Even minor violations of a protective order could result in additional charges and jail time.

Too often, domestic violence is based on false allegations. A participant in a mutual disagreement may make a claim for revenge. A parent in a custody battle may be trying to gain an advantage.

You have the right to have your side of the story heard. While the police might be quick to make an arrest to end a situation, your criminal defense attorney can help you make sure the real facts — or lack of facts — come out in court.

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