How Secure is My Client Information?

  Online security of private communications is an issue for anyone dealing with confidential information.  Most experts agree that internet email is not secure and will not be secure for the foreseeable future.  See, for example: Here is Why Your Email is Insecure and Likely to Stay That Way. Does this mean that clients must [..]

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The Modern Law Office

  In my over 20 years practicing criminal defense in California, I have observed law offices move from the old traditional system of advertising in the Yellow Pages phone book to creating dynamic web sites, along with television commercials and YouTube videos. Unfortunately, what I have not seen locally here in Northern California are law [..]

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Attorney’s Fees

  Most criminal defense attorneys in California charge attorney fees in one of two ways: (1) Flat Rate Fees; or (2) Hourly Fees. At the Fannon Law Office, I charge attorney’s fees by using a mixture of these two concepts I call a Modified Flat Rate Fee. Flat Rate Fees Flat rate attorney fees generally [..]

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